Why You Should Embrace Incidents and Ditch MTTR

The cliché is that everyone in IT hates incidents, and the natural reaction when assembling incident response metrics is to look for numbers that you can lower over time. Fewer incidents and shorter … Read full article

The Better Business Presenter Bundle for $19

Raising Capital from Venture Capitalists is complex, time-consuming, and without any guarantees of success. A Venture Capital firm will review approximately 500 investment opportunities in a typical … Read full article

IOC’s Bach visits Hiroshima amid protests in bid to promote peace


Hiroshima – The head of the International Olympic Committee visited Hiroshima on Friday to promote world peace ahead of the Tokyo Games beginning next week, amid opposition from some survivors of the… Read full article

High-tech hub celebrates opening – Arkansas Online

ROGERS — Transplace, a Dallas transportation management and logistics provider for shippers around the globe, celebrated Thursday the opening of its $50 million, high-tech, 150,000-square-foot offic… Read full article

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